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For the small to mid-sized business with little or no in-house HR expertise, we become your outsourced HR department. We offer as needed, on call  or regularly scheduled visit options. We will work with your schedule to provide the HR support you need.   

Did you know...

  • Businesses in Illinois have a 34% chance of an employment charge being brought against them - higher than most of the country.
  • Incorrectly completing an I-9 form can cost you $1,000 per infraction.
  • The average total cost of claims that resulted in a defense and settlement payment is $125,000
  • Employers are restricted in inquiring about, or requiring disclosure of, a job applicant’s criminal record or criminal history

We can help

Our services prove to be both economical and well within reach for businesses of all sizes. We provide HR Consulting on a monthly, hourly or as needed basis in order to assist with any and all HR related projects and tasks.


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